Voter protection information 2012

Fair and safe elections are a huge passion of mine, and even though there’s much more information out there for the average voter than there was 4 or 8 years ago, I’m still going to continue my tradition of posting some information about voter rights before the election.  Please share this post widely.

A disclaimer: I live in Philadelphia, and my information comes from Philadelphia sources.  I’ll do my best to distinguish between federal and PA information where applicable, but some local stuff might slip in where it doesn’t belong.


Most important: The phone number 866-OUR-VOTE.  It’s easy to memorize, but still, program it into your phone AND write it down.  If you have it written down, you can give it to people you meet while voting, if they need it.  866-OUR-VOTE is a nationwide hotline to report polling place problems, voter intimidation, poll workers or printed materials with incorrect information, polls not opening on time, or any other problems that can lead to violations of election law and/or voter disenfranchisement.  It’s also the number to call if you don’t know if you’re registered to vote, don’t know where your polling place is, or aren’t being permitted to vote where and when you think you should be.  (I’ll be volunteering with the Committee of Seventy, which answers 866-OUR-VOTE calls in the Philadelphia area.)

You have the right to a provisional ballot!  Continue reading